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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Maxima and minima
The minimum stake (bet amount) is N1 (one Naira)
The minimum withdrawal request is N1,000 (One thousand Naira)
The minimum deposit amount is N50 (fifty Naira)
The maximum payout on any single match ticket is N 1,000,000 (one million Naira)
The maximum payout on any multi match ticket is N 5,000,000 (five million Naira)
The maximum win amount (sum of payouts minus stakes) per Client in any 24-hour period is capped at N10,000,000 (ten million Naira).

How to Create an Account
1. Open your web browser and type in:
2. When the betPawa page appears, click on 'Join Now'.
3. Enter your number and chosen password of six or more characters then select ‘submit’ to get a PIN via sms
4. Enter the PIN and your account will be activated

Note: select a password you will remember because you will use it whenever you login to

How to Place a Bet
1. Enter your telephone number and password to proceed to your account
2. Select the sports option on the menu, let’s say football
3. Use the sports menu on the left of screen to find the league or country of your choice, or you can search for the team
4. Make your selection(s) up to a maximum of 30
5. Enter your desired stake, the amount you wish to bet. The minimum is just N1!
6. Click on “place bet”

Note: if it displays "price has changed", click on proceed to accept the new price and the bet will be processed or else click to remove the selection from your betslip and start again.

How to Check My Bets & Account Statement
1. Open your web browser and type in:
2. When the betPawa page appears click on login.
3. Enter your number and password to access your account.
4. Click 'Menu' top right.
5. Click on ‘My Bets’
6. When the page appears you will see ‘Open Bets’ and ‘Settle bets’

Note: Clicking on ‘Statement’ lists every account transaction: deposits, withdrawals, bets and payouts.

Forgot Password
1. Enter your phone number and click on "forgot password"
2. You will receive an sms with a reset PIN
3. Enter the PIN and choose your new password

How to Request a Withdrawal

1. Click "Menu" on the top right
2. Select "Withdrawal"
3. Select your bank from the dropdown list
4. Enter your account number
5. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw (minimum N1,000 / maximum N2,000,000)
6. Click "pay me"

You can request a withdrawal at any time from your betting account into your Bank account. Client withdrawals are processed 7 times per day, 7 days a week.

More Betting Options

1. Click on the name of the match that you wish to place a bet on
2. The dropdown of all betting options will appear
3. Select the option of your choice
4. Click on the zero (0) next to MENU to make your betslip appear
5. Insert your desired stake and click on “place bet”

Note: you can also see all betting options for a match by clicking on the arrow symbol (>) at the right of any 1X2 market.

Live Betting

1. Once you are logged into your account click on LIVE NOW at the top of the Sports Menu
2. All live (in play) games will then appear on screen
3. Click on the name of match you wish to bet on to get more betting options
4. Select the option of your choice
5. Click on zero (0) next to a word Menu for your betslip to appear
6. Insert in your desired stake, the amount you wish to bet, and click on “place bet”

Note: betting prices can change every minute, so make sure you don’t take too long to place your live bet!

How to Find More Sports to Bet on

1. Enter your telephone number and password to login to your account
2. Click on “Sports” top left to access the dropdown menu of all sports
3. Choose the sport you want to place a bet on
4. Make your selections as usual and click on “place bet”

Note: If you are using a PC, Laptop or Tablet, the word “Sports” will not appear on your screen; instead what will appear is the word “Football”. Click the rectangular box containing that word “Football” to access more sports for betting.

Bonuses and Special Offers

1. Bonuses / offers are optional and seasonal
2. Open your web browser and type in:
3. Check on our betPawa homepage image to see whether any bonus is on offer
4. Check the minimum deposit to see how much you need to deposit to get a bonus
5. Make a deposit then login to your account
6. The Bonus Rules will appear. Make sure you read and understand the rollover requirements affecting withdrawals
7. Then you can either click on "Decline" to ignore the bonus or "Accept" to receive the bonus

How the rollover requirement works:

Let’s say the bonus on the home page is 100% and the minimum deposit is 100/=, and the rollover requirement is x4 and let’s say you have deposited 5,000 and received a bonus of 5,000 which makes a total of 10,000.

If the rollover is x4, add your deposit and bonus and then multiply it by x4, so that is 10,000 x 4 = 40,000.

So, you need to place bets with stakes totaling 40,000 in order for you to be permitted to request a withdrawal from your account.

In case you lose both your deposit and the bonus, your account is reset back to normal and the rollover terms will no longer apply.


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