Early wedding present? Sunday wins ₦2,431,430.45 betting with betPawa

Sunday Ehis was given something BIG to celebrate before his wedding: winning ₦2,431,430.45 from a ₦3,000 bet.

The key to the Edo resident’s success was RB Leipzig’s late comeback against Benfica. He needed them to draw or win and they were losing 2-0 entering the 90th minute.

“I already gave up,” he admitted. “Upon checking the score again, it was 1-2. Seeing that seven minutes was the added time, I had a bit of hope. Checking the final score and seeing 2-2, I broke my remote control out of excitement.

“My wife-to-be was sleeping. When I found out that I have won the ticket, I screamed, trying to wake her up, but she was not answering me, so I moved to the next flat, telling my neighbours to come and celebrate with me.”

The initial payout was ₦934,011.00, which was increased to ₦2,431,430.45 thanks to a 160% win bonus for betting on 26 legs. betPawa offer the best win bonus in Nigeria for all bets with three legs or more, including 250% for bets with 30 legs.

He added: “I will be getting married so some of the funds will come in handy.”

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